Stacey Street Highway Upgrade

FJA selected for Stacey Street Highway Upgrade

FJA™, in collaboration with GHD and Transport for NSW, contributed to the Stacey Street Highway Upgrade project. In fact, around 70,000 vehicles travel along Stacey Street in Bankstown everyday. The street is ranked the fourth slowest road in Sydney, with average southbound speeds of 18kmh on peak hours. Therefore, improvements on Stacey Street will add additional lanes in both direction as well as provide upgrade on key intersections.

Firstly, the upgrade will increase the number of lanes in each direction from two to three to reduce congestion. Additionally, improvements involve installing new pedestrian crossing lights and pram facilities, as well as upgrading existing street light on Stacey Street. Finally, new guard rails will be provided on the street southbound.

FJA™ was engaged to undertake Concept Design for the project. FJA™ led the utilities design and work closely with TfNSW to create a new 12D utility survey standard. We produced 12D models and sketches of proposed relocations and output utility space proofing to a web-based model for utility coordination. This meant that constraints were identified early in the design and progressed with authorities.

Further to our work in 12D, we also developed a full BIM model to LOD 300 for stage 2 of the project. This included detailed 3D modelling of thrust blocks, electrical pillars, kiosks, light columns and conduit/pipework. The utility model data is collected into our utility registers, which allow estimation of project costs.

worked with ghd and tfnsw fja delivered concept design for stacey street highway upgrade project