Women in Civil Engineering

FJA recently interviewed Ming and Yushan, our young talented Civil Engineers, to find out what it is like for women in the civil engineering industry in Australia. With their recent achievements, they’re happy to share their career journey so far and hope to pass on some inspiration and motivation on civil engineering graduates. With civil … Read more

5 Years, 5 Reflections

As a part of 5th Anniversary Celebration, our Director Jeremy Hopson noted down 5 key takeaway reflections from his journey with FJA so far. So, we made it five years. It might not seem much but I have personally never worked this hard and the stats say only a small number of businesses make it … Read more

Top Australian Universities for Engineers

In light of National STEM Day, we thought we’d look into what the top ranked Australian Universities for Engineering were in 2020. Check out the list below* The University of New South Wales (UNSW) The University of Melbourne Monash University The University of Sydney Australian National University (ANU) The University of Queensland (UQ) University of … Read more

Top Trends in Green Construction

The built environment is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions; it is also is responsible for consuming one-third of the world’s water and generating around 40% of its waste. With consumer awareness of climate change driving the demand for more renewable materials in construction, it is a no-brainer that construction trends are … Read more

Ten years in Australia; ten awesome things about Australia

Jeremy Hopson, Director of FJA, reflects on his journey after ten years in Australia with his ten best things about Australia.   1. The beach You can’t talk about the positive of Australia without talking about the beach. We are blessed with amazing beaches all around the island/continent. My favourites are Manly, Clontarf and Blueys … Read more

What did I learn about leadership from meeting Jocko Willink

I was lucky enough to get to listen to Jocko on the weekend. He is the author of the book Extreme Leadership which I had happened to read last month. I wanted to share the three things I took away from his compelling talk. 1. Take a step back, look around, and assess what’s happening. … Read more