Meet Jimmy Weng

Graduate Success Stories: Hear from Jimmy

Jimmy joined in September 2021 as a Graduate Engineer in FJA Consulting Engineers. Since then, he has involved in many infrastructure projects. We are so happy to see that he has prominently used AutoCAD and 12D modelling software. He is one of our successful graduate engineers who contributed to many of our projects. Read the short interview below to learn and get insider tips from Jimmy’s graduate success stories.

explore by experience with jimmy reflecting on his journey so far and willing to share his graduate success stories

What do you enjoy most while working at FJA?

I enjoy working with my colleges. The team consists of a diverse group of people that are helpful and hardworking which makes the project’s tasks easier to get through.

What soft/technical skills have you developed/improved so far?

Working with FJA has helped me develop the soft skills for teamwork, organization and decision-making and technical skills for AutoCAD, 12D and MS Office.

What challenge(s) did you encounter while working on assigned projects? And what support did you receive from FJA team?

Working on the projects has challenged me with the number of various tasks that are completed at different stages of work for different clients. This requires me to constantly learn about the scope and work of the job while managing tasks that are handed to me. This has been challenging for me because I must make sure I am able to get the job done while juggling between different jobs which adds more stress with completing the work on time. The members of the FJA team have helped me by guiding me through the tasks to efficiently complete them and providing with ways to manage my time working on the tasks.

Have you learnt any new tools/software that would support your future career in civil engineering?

AutoCAD and 12D modelling are excellent engineering software for drafting and modelling. I have been prominently using this two software to produce drawings and models for package submissions. My role has allowed me to develop skills to use this software proficiently which I can apply to any future engineering opportunities in my career.

Describe your journey so far with FJA in three words/phrases.

Exciting, insightful and engaging.