Meet Parkon Ching

FJA Graduate Stories: Explore By Experience with Parkon

Parkon is a graduate from University of New South Wales (UNSW) and has a civil engineering and business analytics background. He joined FJA in July 2021 as a Graduate Civil Engineer and since then, he has contributed to different infrastructure projects. He reflected his journey so far with us in short interview. Read his FJA graduate stories below.

fja graduate stories explore by experience with existing graduate engineers parkon

What do you enjoy most while working at FJA?

At FJA, I have been given a golden opportunity to working collaboratively with people on various projects for successful engineering solutions and outcomes. I enjoy being a part of a small but friendly and of course, growing team where I can work with like-minded professional industry to deliver best outcomes for the clients.

What soft/technical skills have you developed/improved so far?

I am lucky to work closely with many experts in the industry and have developed both soft and technical skills.

  • Soft skills: critical thinking, to work within the safety parameters while thinking creatively
  • Technical skills: engineering design and modelling

What challenge(s) did you encounter while working on assigned projects? And what support did you receive from FJA team?

One of the biggest challenges is managing enormous amount of models and data in a project. Thankfully, I received full support from my team members, who introduced me to new software and taught me great techniques and tools to handle the models in order to produce better designs.

Have you learnt any new tools/software that would support your future career in civil engineering?

I have exposed and learnt some modern and useful tools such as 12D, Revizto, Civil 3D.

Describe your journey so far with FJA in three words/phrases.

Upward, connected, evolving.