M12 Motorway Central Package

FJA selected for M12 Motorway Central Package Works

FJA™, in collaboration with GHD and Transport NSW, delivered M12 Motorway Central Package works. This new motorway forms a part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP) road investment program. The M12 motorway will provide direct access to Western Sydney International Airport at Badgerys Creek and connect to Sydney’s motorway network. The corridor route is an east-west 16 kilometer motorway between the M7 Motorway, Cecil Hills and The Northern Road, Luddenham.

The purposes of the project are to improve traffic safety for road users, improve freight movement to key commercial centers. Additionally, the motorway will reduce congestion impact on the community and businesses by providing more capacity. It is also the provision for a future interchange connecting Mamre Road and Devonshire Road at the M12 Motorway.

FJA™ was engaged to undertake Detailed Design for the project. FJA™ are the leading utility design and coordination for this landmark new motorway project to service the new Western Sydney Airport. The project builds upon our longstanding partnership with GHD and allows us to bring forward a number of BIM initiatives that we have been testing. Furthermore, we did gap analysis of existing utilities, impact assessment and clash identification. Besides, we also delivered utility asset identification and collation of utility asset register.

partnered with ghd fja undertook detail design for m12 motorway central package project