Cross River Rail Tender

FJA selected for Cross River Rail Tender Works

Partnered with Acciona, FJA™ was selected to contribute to the Cross River Rail Tender project. Specifically, Cross River Rail is a new 10.2 kilometer rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, which includes 5.9 kilometers of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and the CBD. Due to the rising population in South East Queensland, the transport network is put under pressure. The current rail network is constrained by a single river crossing and just four inner-city stations. For this reason, the project unlocks this bottleneck by delivering a second river crossing that allows more trains and integrates with new roads and new bus routes. Consequently, this improves the public transport system across the whole of South East Queensland.

This is a crucial public transport infrastructure project in Queensland. Its purpose is to improve the quality of life, boost economy and activate urban development across the whole region. To illustrate, new and upgraded stations will provide better access to more places of work, study and recreation.

FJA™, in collaboration with Acciona, was engaged to undertake Utilities Design and Management for the project. FJA™ worked to coordinate and manage all utilities for the tender design phase. Our collaborative approach allowed us to work closely with the construction consortium to workshop innovative ideas and proposals.

We utilized the FJA™ string naming convention to produce concise utility treatment advice and detailed 3D models of tender data.

fja undertook utilities design and management for cross river rail project