Linkfield Road Overpass Upgrade

FJA successfully secured the Linkfield Road Overpass Upgrade Project

Great news! FJA™ is excited to work alongside with Arup to deliver design for the Linkfield Road Overpass Upgrade work. We are engaged to undertake detailed design of utilities and delivered BIM for the proposed utilities.

Linkfield Road Upgrade is funded by the Australian and Queensland governments. This project involves the upgrade and duplication of the Linkfield Road in order to reduce peak hour congestion, increase capacity hence improve safety at the Linkfield Road/Gympie Arterial interchange. The Australian and Queensland Governments are committed to manage the progress to align with stakeholder expectations such as ensuring design and construction meeting environmental practices, minimizing disruption to traffic during construction, and improving the provision for active transport through the interchange.

Specifically, this road project may include:

  • the upgrade of Gympie Arterial Road on and off-ramps
  • installment of traffic lights at the on and off-ramps to Linkfield Road and Gympie Arterial Road
  • the duplication of the bridge and allowing for separated facilities for pedestrians and bike riders

The project has begun the detailed design phase and is expected to be completed in the beginning of 2023.

Construction is expected to commence in mid 2023 and to be finished in mid 2025.

linkfield road overpass upgrade is one of major projects of fja. fja is delivering detailed design and bim model for this road upgrade project