Utility Management

fja is utility management specialist

Utility Management

Utility Management is a complex field due to the number of stakeholders (asset owners) and often large quantities of data.

FJA have gained a detailed understanding of three-dimensional utilities models through leading many utilities projects. FJA uses 12D modelling, Civil3D, ArcGIS and Navisworks to manage data sets.

We have worked with surveyors to produce 3D models that contain the best possible information and that can be updated without losing continuity. We use the AS 5488 to manage our data and have devised a unique system for asset naming that have been tried and tested on utility models with over 5,000 clashes.

FJA have worked with every major telecommunications provider in Australia to assist them with utility management, design of protection and relocation of assets to M12, Brisbane Metro, Cross River Rail, Richmond Road, M1 at Bulli Tops, Townson Road, Stacey Street, Parramatta Light Rail Enabling Works and throughout NSW.

FJA have worked with Jemena gas to relocate a range of high-pressure gas mains, including creek crossings, tenchless methodologies and complex design environments.

We have provided our clients with reports covering all elements of the utilities management process, these strategy reports log all meetings with utility authorities, the options considered and the justifications for all design decisions which allows our clients to be able to review project status at the different milestones in the project lifecycle.

As well as design, FJA have provided advisory services to our clients to assist them with project planning and strategy. Our staff are some of the most experienced specialists in this field with a breadth of knowledge that is invaluable to our clients.