Digital Engineering & BIM

fja is an expert in digital engineering and bim

Digital Engineering & BIM

Digital engineering is the art of creating, capturing and integrating data using a digital skillset. From drawings to simulations and 3D models, engineers are increasingly using advanced technologies to capture data and craft design in a digitized environment. Through progressive applications, digital engineering enables designers to explore possibilities and develop innovative solutions in a virtual environment.

The digital component of utility management has always been a passion at FJA. Therefore, we have been constantly evolving our BIM technology. The FJA BIM system allows the automated management of utility data.

We use ArcGIS, 12D, Civil3D, Navisworks and TrimbleConnect and many other advanced software packages in a coordinated process to successfully manage utility projects.

With our innovative processes, we can model utilities effectively to a very high level of development. We combine this with detailed utility registers that provide our clients with a detailed understanding of their project at every stage.

To simulate our digital engineering skill, we have developed multi software workflows that manage data from collection onsite through design and into construction and work as executed.

Through the use of Trimble SiteVision, we are able to take the BIM models onsite and see how they will integrate into the environment.