About Us

FJA is an engineering consultancy providing technical, professional, advisory and construction services. We deliver complex infrastructure projects, focusing on minimising construction risk. For example, our client portfolio includes land development, commercial and government clients across multiple disciplines.

If you require delivery of excellent infrastructure projects that require the relocation or management of utilities, we're here to help. Get in touch for all utility project need here.

Using the latest technology and BIM platforms, we can ensure all assets are tracked and managed throughout the project cycle.

Our Story

Established in 2016, our purpose is to manage and design the relocations of utility assets, finding the most efficient solutions for our clients and utility authorities. We are passionate engineers first and foremost. Additionally, we believe in getting projects delivered, challenging the norm, and having skilled engineers all through our business to deliver quality and value for our clients.

Also, FJA has a utility locating business, FJA Locating, and a Sydney Water WSC, PRCM, in our brand portfolio. Learn more about our capabilities and successful projects here.

Our Approach

FJA commits to continuous improvements to ensure the company provides a high level of client service and project delivery that exceeds both client expectations and to ensure the company meets all statutory and regulatory requirements.

To sum up, we focus on delivering our client needs in a collaborative approach. Hence, we choose clients who want to work with us, building long-term relationships that run beyond the boundaries of a project.

Risk & Project Management

Besides, FJA specializes in project management, stakeholder and risk management that enable us to deliver high quality projects along with establishing long-term partnerships.

Project Management

FJA has managed many projects and uses our lessons learned to continuously improve our management systems. Accordingly, we use web based project management software for every project, regardless of size.

Stakeholder Management

We understand that utility works are centred around managing the expectation of numerous stakeholders that own the assets which we wish to relocate, protect or monitor. For this reason, we have negotiation experience on non-standard solutions to suit unique problems.

Risk Management

We have learned to recognise the risks in utilities projects early through our diverse portfolio of projects. Thus, we capture these risks and design strategies to manage them.