Explore by experience

We released the series “Explore by Experience” in order to share behind the scene stories from our current graduate engineers. Let’s hear some insightful stories from them!

Explore By Experience with May

May Hlwan joined in December last year as a Graduate Civil Engineer in FJA Consulting Engineers team. As a final year student in University of New South Wales, she splits her time between study and working. In the short interview below, she shares with us about her experience.

explore by experience story of may graduate civil engineer at fja consulting engineers

What do you enjoy most while working at FJA?

I thoroughly enjoy the working environment here at FJA. The smaller, more close-knit team fosters a great sense of camaraderie, and all team members are extremely friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. Moreover, the seniors are always encouraging me to ask questions and to learn from others.

What soft/technical skills have you developed/improved so far?

With the guidance of my seniors, I have enhanced my technical skills in both 12D and AutoCAD, including modelling, documentation and overall efficiency.

What challenge(s) did you encounter while working on assigned projects? And what support did you receive from FJA team?

In the beginning, familiarizing myself with FJA’s services, deliverables, and direction within the context on consultant engineering was a challenge for me. However, my colleges gradually introduced me to the company’s services and I learnt something new about the company every day. Continually learning and mastering new modelling software by working through numerous projects can also be challenging, but the FJA team was always very approachable and more than happy to assist when I was met with unexpected challenges.

Have you learnt any tools/software that would support your future career in civil engineering?

Improving my AutoCAD and 12D proficiency has helped me to better understand the technical aspects of civil engineering. Mastering these programs would allow me to more easily approach projects in my future career.

Describe your journey so far with FJA in three words/phrases.

It has been an Inspiring, Eye-opening and Enjoyable Journey.