Our Leadership

Our Leadership

FJA takes the best people and gives them the best technology and support to deliver client expectations and, with a continuous improvement culture, we look to do better every time. The FJA team consists of technical staff ranging from principal engineers to undergraduate staff who collaborate and focus on delivering the best outcomes for our clients.


<strong>Jeremy Hopson</strong>
Jeremy Hopson

Jeremy is our hands-on Director and a passionate Civil Engineer and MBD graduate with over 18 years’ industry experience managing a wide range of projects.

<strong>Ahmad Dorani</strong>
Ahmad Dorani

Director/Principal Engineer
Ahmad is our Director and Principal Engineer with extensive experience across various civil infrastructure and urban development/renewal projects.

<strong>Mara Dablio</strong>
Mara Dablio

Business Manager
Mara is our experienced leader who is responsible for the supervision of our operations and employees and financial control of our business.

<strong>Quynh Le</strong>
Quynh Le

Social Media Coordinator
Quynh is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring our company’s Social Media strategy in order to improve brand awareness, improve marketing efforts.

<strong>Hannah Anderson-Reid</strong>
Hannah Anderson-Reid

Business Manager
Hannah has a proven track record of adding value to organizations through business support in HR, brand, operations and administration.

<strong>Sarah Niu</strong>
Sarah Niu

Office Administrator
Sarah is responsible for the smooth running of a number of administrative and support tasks such as dealing with email enquiries, general office management, etc.


<strong>Micky Wathugala</strong>
Micky Wathugala

Senior Electrical Engineer
Micky is our Lead Electrical Engineer with more than 12 years’ work experience in the electrical utility field. He’s experienced in working in a wide range of projects.

<strong>John Agbayani</strong>
John Agbayani

Senior Utility Engineer
John has experience in the identification, design, protection and relocation of underground and overhead utilities. He’s experienced in team cohesiveness.

<strong>Eric Chen</strong>
Eric Chen

Civil Engineer
Eric is our Civil Engineer who is experienced in stormwater drainage and safety in design for civil infrastructure, urban development, and the transport sector.

<strong>John Lee</strong>
John Lee

Senior Civil Engineer
John is experienced in design, documentation and delivering civil infrastructure projects. He has attained valuable experience through a diverse range of roles in significant infrastructure projects.

<strong>John Son</strong>
John Son

Senior Civil Engineer
John has a strong technical background in utilities with experience in space-proofing, design and documentation. He’s proficient in the analysis of existing utility networks and the identification of impacts on utilities.

<strong>Ming Zhang</strong>
Ming Zhang

Senior Civil Engineer
Ming is experienced in utilities design and documentation for civil infrastructure projects within NSW. She has proven capability in utilizing 12d to verify and rationalize existing utilities.

<strong>Mustafa Ahmadi</strong>
Mustafa Ahmadi

Graduate Civil Engineer
Mustafa is our Civil/Structural Engineer with over 5 years experience in residential, commercial and industrial projects. He has extensive proficiency in several structural software such as Auto CAD and Inventor.

<strong>Yushan Guo</strong>
Yushan Guo

Civil Engineer
Yushan is experienced in utilities design, space proofing and coordination for civil infrastructure within NSW. She’s proficient in modelling software including 12d, AutoCAD and Navisworks.

<strong>Parkon Ching</strong>
Parkon Ching

Graduate Civil Engineer
Parkon has over two years’ experience in the engineering consultancy industry consistently liaising with a variety of stakeholders such as clients, sub-contractors, subconsultants and engineers.

<strong>May Hlwan</strong>
May Hlwan

Graduate Civil Engineer
May is a penultimate civil engineering with architecture student. She is responsible for assisting the overall project development under the supervision of our head engineers.

<strong>Yuxuan Lin</strong>
Yuxuan Lin

Graduate Engineer
Yuxuan has a great understanding of project requirements, assists in conducting research, writing report, etc., as well as gains experience in using CAD and other software.

<strong>Mai Nguyen</strong>
Mai Nguyen

Graduate Engineer
Mai contributes to many large-scale infrastructure projects such as Western Sydney airport project. She assists in the designs, plans and drawings of our projects.

<strong>Fardeen Rahman</strong>
Fardeen Rahman

Graduate Engineer
Fardeen has a background in electrical engineering. He assists in the design and evaluation of the electrical systems. He also travels for site inspections.

<strong>Sophie Angelica</strong>
Sophie Angelica

Graduate Engineer
Sophie supports the designs, drawings and specifications for projects. She also gains experience in using CAD and other software.

<strong>Adela Zhang</strong>
Adela Zhang

Intern Engineer
Adela works closely with senior engineers to make sure projects are completed on time, perform basic design modifications and assist in other assigned tasks.


<strong>William Tapia</strong>
William Tapia

Water Servicing Coordinator
William is our highly experienced Water Servicing Coordinator with over 9 years industry experience. He has extensive knowledge in all facets of the role of Water Servicing Coordinator within the Sydney Water area of operation.

<strong>David Filmer</strong>
David Filmer

Water Sewer Designer
Dave is our highly experienced Water and Sewer Designer and Water Servicing Coordinator with recognized skills in client management, problem resolution and statutory authority negotiations.

<strong>Krijan Maharjan</strong>
Krijan Maharjan

Graduate Engineer
Krijan is responsible for assisting other engineers in different projects in terms of detailed design. He possesses strong interpersonal skills with sound communication abilities and excellent at maintaining great relationships.

<strong>Jimmy Weng</strong>
Jimmy Weng

Graduate Engineer
Jimmy assists in construction projects. He is proficient in using design and modelling software such as AutoCAD, 12D and Navisworks. He is an outstanding team member.

<strong>Louisa Clark</strong>
Louisa Clark

S73 Admin
Louisa documents all construction activities and evaluates the progress of projects, examines and adequately understands project specifications and documents.


Project Manager
Cassandra is responsible for leading the research and development stage of projects, creating detailed project plans, and proposing staffing needs.